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BluePrints – Day 8 of 8 (June 7, 2020) Elementary

Thank You Kids Spring Resources for allowing us to use your hardworking material!!

BluePrints – Day 8 of 8 (June 7, 2020) PreSchool


We strive to make the children’s ministry as fun as possible to make learning the Gospel easier to achieve.  We have a wide variety of activities to involve all your children’s interests and needs. Also for your security we use a Check-in System for our children that is located in the Children’s Hallway.
Small Groups (Sunday School) is from 9:00 am to 10 am. We have 3 classes:     Pre-School – ages 3 (by Sept 1st) thru Kindergarten, 1st thru 3rd Grade & 4th thru 6th Grade.
Children’s Church is at 10 am on Sunday and is sectioned off between the preschoolers and older children through 6th grade. We have ‘styled’ our Children’s Church like a year round VBS. Dynamic Worship, Exciting Themed Skits and Small Group Bible Studies.
Wednesday Nights (During the school year) 6:15 pm to 7:30 pm     We are involved in the Olympians Program thru Word of Life ministries.  The children have a Devotional Book, large group and game times.  The Olympians Bible Study is a module-style curriculum designed to help children establish a biblical foundation that will encourage obedience to God’s Word out of a love for Jesus Christ. Each module consists of creatively developed lessons that enable a teacher to present biblical truth in a practical way with a variety of styles. Wednesday Nights (During the Summer) 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm     We have different series to involve the children with.  We will have a Worship time, exciting Bible Time and Game Time. Our Bible Time is a Summer Series, the last 2 years we did a Series on “Bible Science” and “Board Games”. During the Summer we do continue in our School Year Devotional Books. With these and more, your children will definitely find something that will interest them. 
Please come and join and grow with us at Grace Point Kids!  We look forward to seeing you.
Children’s Church
“Blueprints At Home” is an eight-week series created to do as a family at home. Each week includes a family lesson that parents can use with both preschool and elementary kids, as well as a preschool video and an elementary video that will help kids learn how to identify their emotions and respond to them in the way God wants. God can help them deal with how they feel! Kids will see how to use the Blueprint of God’s Word to manage their feelings by following these steps:
1. STOP – to name the emotion you are feeling
2. LOOK – at what is going on inside you and around you to make you feel that way
3. LISTEN – to what God says about that feeling
Wednesday Night
When some people hear the word “worship,” they think of church buildings, or hymns, or special rituals. To some people, worship sounds pretty boring. But that’s not at all how God talks about worship! In the pages of Scripture, we discover that worship is so much bigger than what happens at church — and it’s definitelynot boring. Worship is a party! And it’s a party we’re all invited to attend. In this series, kids will be invited to worship God both at church and at home as they learn that we can worship God through prayer, we canworship God by living for Him, we can worship God even during hard times, we can worship God out loud,and we’re all invited to Jesus’ party.

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